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PR Protein Squares 3 Pack – Coco Pistachio Cranberry

1 vacuum sealed pack of 3 squares total

Ok. Hear me out here. These… are good! Like, REAAALLY GOOD! It’s the best combination of flavors you can get from natural ingredients. The saltiness of pistachios, with the tartness of cranberries, and the sweet aromatic notes of coconut butter. I honestly eat them as dessert!

I designed them to be a mid-morning or mid-afternoon “pick-me-up” snack; something to give me energy and fill me up in between meals. But they are SOOO GOOOD!


medjool dates, pistachios, cranberries, coconut butter, whey protein powder, honey, chia seeds


nutrition profile:

serving – 1 square

cals: 150 | prot: 3g | carbs: 20g | [ net carbs: 17g ] | fat: 7g


contains 1 vacuum sealed pack of 3 squares total