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PR Protein Squares 3 Pack – Almond

1 vacuum sealed pack of 3 squares total

Your absolutely perfect grab-and-go snack option! Handmade with real food ingredients, these squares are ideal as pre-workout, post-workout, mid-morning or afternoon snack, desert, for breakfast… or whenever you want to enjoy them. Silky sweet combination of flavors from almond butter, dates and honey, with a crunchy factor from almonds! And a protein boost. Don’t forget the protein boost!


medjool dates, almonds, almond butter, whey protein powder, honey


nutrition profile:

serving – 1 square

cals: 170 | prot: 6g | carbs: 18g | [ net carbs: 14g ] | fat: 9g


contains 1 vacuum sealed pack of 3 squares total